3 September 2014

40. Come Back

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Alhamdulillah masih ada kesempatan untuk bernafas and of course utk write up something dalam blog yg lama tidak berusik. Actually selalu juga buka blog but don't have any good things untuk tulis. Ntah tiba-tiba hari ne feels like to write up something here.

Well yeah, soooo many things happened for the past few months and I realized that my last post was on December 2013 which was last year! Haha. Btw, I've just completed my degree and Alhamdulillah my result was okay. Im not really sure if I am entitled with 1st class degree. Will confirm masa konvo nanti. My thesis was just okay, I'm not sure what really went wrong. Mungkin I was not really put an effort to it. *Sigh. But still Alhamdulillah since my partner and I able to get an A- for that. Haha. Other subjects pun were okay and everything was just okay laa. Tunggu konvo and I will be able to say "I am officially a Degree Holder".

Knowing that I'll be completing my degree is just nerve wrecking rather than being relief. Eh, why is that so? Well, what do you expect bila habis belajar? Of course you'll be welcomed into a new phase of life called "WORKING". And before that, you are "Penganggur". Then I sedar belajar susah, habis belajar even susah. Nothing is easy in this world man. That's for sure!

Deep inside, still ada desire to sambung study actually. Rasa jelous bila tengok orang lain sambung Master. Haha. Tapi if possible I prefer to go out from Sabah. Masa belajar ne laa peluang yang ada untuk tengok tempat orang. My family pun jenis yang tidak kisah where you going to study hatta ke oversea sekali pun. One fine day Insha Allah.

Anyway, I just hope that many many happy things will happen to all of us and may our dreams come true. Insha Allah. Allahumma amin.


Till then,

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